A few nights ago I went out with friends for a catch up & to shake my booty lol. I threw together this outfit which I absolutely love. These jeans are my favourite but they are too big for me now :( I hid it well in this photo but I either need to shrink them, or buy a belt. I was dancing and my knickers were fully on show as my jeans were falling down - kinda embarrassing lol. I love all the contrast and colourways in this outfit. The red lips tie in the red in my BIKINI top, yes BIKINI top, so well. I hadn't worn these shoes before now, they aren't the most comfortable of choices but I love them so much. Beauty is pain isn't it ladies?

Bikini Top | £16.00
White Blazer £45.00
Hayden Jeans | £42.00
Strappy Heels | £45.00
Gun Clutch | £60.00

I think I'm going to wear red lipstick more. YAY or NAY?



I've been lucky enough to be invited to Wireless this year. Thats three whole days of sunshine (I hope) amazing music and of course, killer festival outfits. I went to Wireless last year which was my first ever festival and I really enjoyed myself. My outfit choices were not the best lol & I was so uncomfortable. Anyway, I will be working on festival fashion posts next week, but I randomly threw this together a few days ago and I loved it. I guess its festival inspired. Swap the heels for converse and the jeans for shorts & you're good to go. I also love the addition of the hat. I hated hats on me before, but with blonde hair, I quite enjoy the contrast. Im so excited for Wireless this year! I cannot wait to chill out and catch up with all my blogger babes.

Black Kimono | Unavailable, alternatives | From £15.00
Salmon Crop Top | £5.50 SALE
Monochrome Boots | £20.00 SALE

Are you going to any festivals this year? If so, what will you be wearing?



I seem to only blog outfits when I am dressed up, going out for dinner or going to a club. My life on here looks so interesting but it really isn't haha. Most days when I'm working I will be in my pj's or trackies, however on this day I had errands to run and a meeting so I thought I would make a little effort.. Notice the world little. I literally threw on a pair of jeans, a crop top & my Birkenstocks which I forgot to wear for this photo haha. This was also the first day I had worn makeup & got dressed in normal clothes after having my hair done. I was excited to see how my makeup and outfits would look with blonde hair. One word springs to mind, LOVE. I haven't been blonde in a long time & I haven't been this blonde in forever. I've needed a change for a while now & I'm so happy with my new locks. In a few weeks I think I may also try out some dip dye in a blue or pink shade. Thoughts? I just love experimenting and having fun. Im a little obsessed with my new hair :)



Checked Shirt | Vintage, alternative | £28.00
Black Crop Top | £8.00
Acid Wash Jeans | Alternative | £35.00
Cherry Red Docs | £75.00
MK Tote Bag | £260.00

Whats your favourite item in this outfit? I love my hair pulled back. Its nice to have it off of my face..


"Don't carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to rise above them"
- unknown

The happiness and success I feel is determined by the amount of sadness and dark times I have been through. Let me explain... The pain I have felt has been off the richter scale, through the roof, however you want to put it. My theory is, that if I can feel such a great amount of pain, I can feel an even greater amount of happiness. I truly believe that mistakes, lessons, pain & sadness are all things that help prepare you for something greater than that. I have made 100s of mistakes, I make them all the time, but whats crazy is that it doesn't bother me. I love learning and I especially love learning things about myself. Take this Sunday to write down your mistakes, your fears, your pain.. all that negative stuff & use it to guide you to a better place. Humans are capable of anything. If we can feel sadness, we can feel happiness too - always remember that. 



Crop Top | £8.00
Patterned Kimono | Unavailable, alternative | £29.00
Hayden Jeans | £42.00
Chain Detail Shoes | Unavailable, alternatives
Gypsy Necklace* | $89.00

Yesterday was one of the best day's of my life. I went to Langley Academy to introduce myself & to share my story. I will be doing a 5 week work shop with a bunch of girls on confidence, female empowerment and learning to love yourself. I went into the talk, nervous and worried that nobody would want to take part. How wrong I was. 36 girls have signed up to work with me?!?! WHAT THE FUDGE. I was completely overwhelmed. To make it even more amazing - the classes are after school and they STILL signed up. It has really put into perspective with me how much help young girls really need. I am so honoured that I am the one able to do that. This really is the beginning and the start of uglyfaceofbeauty taking over the world hahahahaha.

I wanted to go out and celebrate, but I didn't want alcohol (aiming to lose 3 pounds this week haha). So me, my friend & my little sister decided to go for some Caribbean food at Cottons, Camden. Although I am part West Indian, I don't tend to eat much of their traditional food because a lot of places use so much oil & oil is my fear food haha. Cottons does authentic Caribbean food but of pretty high quality. It was so nice just to relax in a chilled out environment, soul music playing & stuffing my face with some lovely food. If you haven't been, please go. You won't regret it. The jerk chicken & avocado spring rolls are DABOMB.COM

Grace x


Im not sure whats been happening with my lately - but I just haven't been myself. Im stressed (more than usual) my anxiety is at an all time high & I keep wanting to cry all the time. I wish it was hormones, but sadly it isn't. I don't want to speak to people & I just want to shut myself off from the world. I hate feeling this way & its even worse because I cannot sleep. I have been going to bed past 1am most nights for weeks.. I have so much anxiety that I have these thoughts that if I go to sleep, something will happen that I cannot possibly miss? I lay awake all night refreshing my social media sites, over thinking & tossing and turning.

Things are pretty desperate for me at the moment & I just want everything to go back to normal. I have resorted to going on a mission to find some sleep remedies.. so when I was out shopping & spotted this - my eyes lit up. Deep Sleep Dream Cream by This Works caught my eye big time. The name alone made me want to sit down, take a deep breath and relax. The idea of this cream is to relax you into a good nights sleep with all the therapeutic ingredients and aromatherapy oils that it contains. The best thing about this cream is that, it actually works. After a long hot bath, using this cream on your hands and feet, completely soothes your mind and eases any tenseness in the body. I have been using it for the past few weeks and when I don't use it - I notice a huge difference. It could just be mind over matter, but I would like to think that the relaxing scents really help me sleep & they help me un-wind after a long stressful day. Deep Sleep Dream Cream by This Works comes in at £18.00 which I know, is pricy but if it helps me sleep it is totally worth it. This cream is a part of my evening skincare routine & I won't be changing it any time soon. I think this product would also be great for travelling :)

Do you have any advice for sleeping problems and genuinely feeling a little shitty? 

Grace x


If you follow everything I do, you will know that May 31st was The Big Match, you can read about it here. I think it is so important for people in certain positions & people who have social media influences to use their voice for the greater good. I am so lucky that my followers/subscribers are organic. I love each and every one of them for supporting everything I do. For the rest of my life I hope I can give back & support charities who need to raise as much awareness as possible. After The Big Match event there was a huge party and a three course meal at the Hilton, Reading. I knew I had to go all out and leave my comfort zone, eek. Here is classy Gracie.

Green Maxi Dress | £45.00
See Through Box Clutch | SOLD OUT, alternatives

I thought I would also share this because this weekend,  I have completely fallen off my healthy lifestyle bandwagon and its been giving me slight anxiety. When my life gets crazy busy and I feel out of control, I always let my food intake slip and forget to think about what I am eating. Its now a new month and a new week so I am taking this time to really focus on me. I always have to remind myself that even though my goal may be far, I have still come along way. So many things have been getting in the way and have stopped me from focusing on whats important. I guess that just makes me human though? June is the month of me & putting myself first again.

Whats your favourite part of this outfit? I like the split in the dress.. Sexy but classy :)


I saw this picture on Twitter last week sometime and after seeing it, I couldn't get the image out of my head. I spent so many years of my life pretending I was happy and pretending I were someone else. I put on a front & a mask every single day but as soon as I was alone - I would crumble. The picture above shows my entire life up until June 2012 so perfectly. Although things are okay now & my life is completely different, I never ever forget how things were and how things still are for other people. I know that more than 50% of people that watch my videos, watch me because they can relate to my story. Although that makes me feel less alone & is extremely humbling, it also makes me so sad. I just wanted to reach out to all the people out there who are still suffering with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, body image issues.. whatever - please just know that you don't need to hide away anymore. Stop pretending everything is fine and stop running away. If people can't handle you with your disorder, then thats okay, but you don't need to fake it for anyone. Imagine how much awareness we would all make if we started speaking about our problems? Imagine if I didn't? You don't need to pretend you are someone you're not. & you don't need to cover yourself with masks all the time - people eventually see through it anyway. Your problems don't define you & its okay not to be okay. SPEAK UP!! I get so many emails and messages from people saying they are being abused, they are being bullied but they can't tell anyone. Its so frustrating because I can't help all of you on a personal level & although I want to rescue you all, I can't :( I just hope you all find strength from somewhere to finally stand up for what's right and understand you're worth.

You will never find true peace if you keep covering up who you are.

Have an amazing week!

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