I guess you could say that eye liner is my jam. I've dabbled in gel, I've dabbled in liquid, but a felt tip liner is definitely my favourite. Personally I think its the easiest & cleanest application to use and although I've tried my fair share, the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen is ultimately, the best (the price kinda makes me want to die though). 

- It has two felt tips. One end is normal size and the other end is small - the small side I use to get right into the corner of my eye and for days where I want to create an even more precise flick. 
- The packaging is super sleek and somewhat weighty too. This liner is the biggest one I own but is easy to manoeuvre.
- The ink is super black.
- It dries in the perfect time. Not too quickly that if you make a mistake you can't tidy it. And not too slowly so that it smudges when you apply mascara.

- The price. Coming in at a hefty £43. I know its Tom Ford but you can get great eye liners on the high street for a fraction of the price. Im talking £8 lol. NOT AS GOOD AS THIS ONE THOUGH OBV.

I honestly can't rave about this liner enough. I picked up my one in Fenwicks, but you can get it at John Lewis & Selfridges too. I would absolutely love to splurge on some more Tom Ford makeup, so if you have any recommendations then do let me know.

Whats your favourite liner?

PS. Can we also talk about how SICK this liquid lipstick is. Im off to NYC in a few weeks and I'm heading straight to Sephora!



I've been blogging now for 2 years and since the beginning of 2015 I've taken this site very seriously. Blogging is my job and I absolutely adore it but at times I feel stagnant, disheartened and over looked. I guess we all feel like that but for the past month or so I've been gaining so many followers, receiving more engagement and I'm generally happy with my creative space. I thought I would share with you '3 ways to grow your blog'.

Post Frequently
The more I post, the more views and followers I get. Im not sure why that is? Im thinking I may appear on peoples feeds more and therefore they click the follow button, either way I'm happy to grow my audience. I think consistency is important for most things in life and blogging is definitely one of them. Its surprisingly easy to post frequently if you have a blogger state of mind. You can turn anything into a post. From your breakfast this morning to tonights evening rituals. You got this girl!

Push Your Content
Don't be scared to tweet, Instagram & tweet some more. Use all your social avenues to make people aware of your new content (or your old). Research the best time for you to post and push your stuff. For me 5-8pm is best and usually all day on Sundays. Once you know better, you do better. 

Your followers need to feel like they're apart of your life so interacting and engaging with your audience is super important. Reply to tweets & messages and show them that you actual care enough to speak to them. Its also nice to engage with other bloggers too. RT a post your love & reach out if a blogger needs some help. The same people you meet on your way up, may be the same people you meet on your way down. Be nice!

Have An Opinion
Nothing is more refreshing than hearing a blogger have a strong and unapologetic opinion. We are bombarded with candyfloss and rainbows, marble flat lays and Diptyque candles, we need a bit more sass and a bit more controversy - bring it on. My most popular posts are 'Accepting My Boobs', 'Body Positivity' & 'Thoughts On Paid Content'. People are interested in what you have to say, not just what you've got. You have a voice - use it!

Do you have any tips on how to grow your blog? If so, please leave them in the comments.



Its been a minute since I sat down and spoke to you guys about my life. Whats going on? Am I happy? Am I sad? How's work? How's my relationship? You know, a general natter about pretty much everything. The main reason I haven't spoken much about life is because for the first month or so of 2016 I was terribly unhappy and stuck in a black hole which as far as I could see, there was no way out. I also haven't had time to think about how things are and just evaluate the world of Grace.. until now, so lets get talking.

Like I said, I haven't been feeling myself mentally and things were a bit wobbly for me at the start of the year. For numerous reasons I felt sad, alone and like I wasn't good enough. My anxiety was through the roof and I had no motivation to do anything. It literally took me hours to even shower and I didn't get dressed for weeks. Thankfully I'm things aren't as bad as that now, but I'm still not 100% myself. Im having a hard time finding balance between what I want to do and whats expected of me.

I always have spouts of self doubt and because of how I felt that trickled over to my work and transpired into; I hate blogging. Im going to quit Youtube. I hate life. I want a 'normal' job again. This is so shit. (I hope I'm not the only one who's gone through this). I sometimes worry that I'm not going to get any work and being freelance, I sorta need that work to pay my bills. However with a kick up the butt and finding some inspiration, I'm actually at a place where I love the content I'm putting out. I have lots of exciting brand deals coming up and for some of them I get to travel too! Im working with the BBC and MTV right now on some other bits and bobs so on a whole, work is actually pretty great.

The Love Ugly Project
The project/foundation aimed at helping young girls was supposed to launch last month. I had a business mentor and investors on board and was super positive and excited for things to finally get off the ground. Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control the people involved in Love Ugly could no longer be a part of it. After working for SO.DAMN.LONG this came as a massive shock and set back for me and I literally cried for about a week (dramatic I know). I've actually had set back after set back with this project and I honestly wanted to give up, but in my heart, carrying on and making it happen is the right thing to do.  I guess this task is becoming bigger than I originally anticipated and I'm frustrated that things haven't gone my way yet. I've taken a few steps back but everything happens for a reason and Love Ugly is high in my priority list. I have had meetings, skye calls and phone calls with schools up and down the country so fingers crossed everything falls into place. Although I haven't been able to do huge group sessions, I have been working on a one to one basis with 7 girls so thats good AND I've been doing some work in a women's refuge. Sadly, I've been on the gossiping end of so many rumours, including using public donations via my GoFundMe for my own financial gain which as most of you will know, is completely untrue. Due to this I have decided to simply give every single donation back. I will continue to do my work and help those who need it, but I am not comfortable with what's being said about me. I have emailed everyone who donated.

There has been some speculation that Simon and I split but thats completely untrue. We are still together and are very happy, away from the internet. We didn't exactly mean to stop sharing our relationship on the world wide web, it just sort of happened and we're okay with that. We spend quality time together, just without documenting it, you know - like a normal relationship lol.

Weight Gain
Since summer I think I've gained around 2.5stone. Lack of exercise, stress, and binge eating crap has lead to this and I'm working on getting back to a size that I'm happy with. I've had a few nasty comments about it as if I'm not aware of what I look like? For the record I am. Life got in the way in 2015 and work came before everything. That won't be happening this year as I've decided to really put in some time for me. I want to grow as a person and better my health.

Whats New?
Although this post sounds really negative lol, its not, I wanted to just clear things up. So what's new?

- You can now email for advice/help and a chat about pretty much anything and everything. Im not a therapist but I do have training in certain things and I just like helping people. Its part of my work for Love Ugly.

- I now have a second channel. This is for daily vlogs, story time videos, bts of photoshoots and lots more. Subscribe here.

- I plan on doing a series called #DearGrace. You can email me a question and I will answer it and give advice in a video. A few subscribers mentioned I should do this and I actually think its a really good idea. Email 

- Kyra-Rose is the latest addition to my every expanding family. My cousin gave birth to her last week after being in labour for 4 days. WTF?! LOL.

- Im trying out the whole Instagram theme. Im opting for cool/blue toned photos with the occasional white background. I would love to grow my page and finally reach 100k and I think an aesthetically pleasing page might help to make that happen.

- Im off to NYC in a month and I can't wait. Im actually going by myself which is a whole new venture in itself. Im hoping to connect with friends I have over there as well as do some serious soul searching and a spot of shopping. Eeeek!!

So thats my life update. I feel like I've gotten everything off of my chest which feels good. How are you all? Hows 2016 going for you so far?



In no particular order..

Its literally like weeing hot lava. That last little squeeze is the absolute worst.

Leaking Your Period
This happened to me when I was 13, in the middle of Camden, I wanted to die right there and then. Its a ball ache, its slightly embarrassing (even though it shouldn't be) and it means WASHING YOUR FAVOURITE PAIR OF JEANS. Effort!

Fanny Farting During Sex
Don't act like this hasn't happened to you before. The first time is the worst though, the older you get the more funnier it becomes. Men are surprisingly used to it but still... theres always that moment where you question if that fanny fart was in fact an actual one. *the horror*

You Swipe Right & He Swipes Left
Oh ffs he was so hot and could've been the one and now I will never know. Im hot, he's clearly blind. Pass me the chocolate. Pass me the wine. Whatever - he probably had a small willy anyway.

Getting Makeup On That White Top In Topshop
We've all done it.

Squeezing Your Ass In Jeans After Christmas (all the time)
Nothing is more stressful than jumping up and down trying to get those jeans over those hips. The sweat, the huffs, the screams.

Needing A Poo In Public Toilets
And you can't hold in because then you feel bloated and can't stop farting. The smell of public loos, the 50p toilet roll that feels like sand paper on your ass and the fear of someone hearing 'plop plop'. Im not okay with any of it.

Making Decisions About What To Eat
The pressure is too much. Pizza or pasta. Cheesecake or brownies. Who knows. Maybe i'll have them both? It doesn't help when your boyfriend is shouting at you because you're taking too long. Dickhead!!!!

Receiving A Text From Your Ex (just no)
Oh now you miss me huh? Don't try and come back into my life to ruin it when I've just gotten over you and started to love myself again. CAN YOU NOT. Btw, I don't like your new girlfriend. Her brows are shit!

Walking Barefoot After A Night Out (you had no other choice right)
Ever opted for the worlds most uncomfortable shoes because they look so killer with your outfit? Yeaaaah me too. Having to take off your shoots and stumble down your path is both embarrassing and disgusting in equal measures, but so is looking like Bambi on ice so WE HAD NO CHOICE.

Getting A Wax
Looking like a plucked chicken for the sake of smooth skin and feeling like a million damn dollars. 

I don't really have to explain much here because I know you're all sat reading this like 'PREACH', but sometimes.. Men just do my f***ing head in!

This post is intended to be lighthearted and silly. Take it with a pinch of salt. I hope you can relate and it made you laugh lol.



This time last week I was having the best pamper day I have ever had IN my life. We all know me, I'm partial to a pamper but The Hart Spa in Birmingham took the word 'relax' to another level.

Myself and Mary hopped on a train up to Birmingham and arrived to a perfectly instagramable cabin, at the back of a beautiful garden centre, situated in the middle of nowhere - perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle of London.

The atmosphere was calm and serene. Upon entering all I could smell was lavender and bergamot which made me feel super super relaxed. Within 15 mins of having a pedicure, I was ready for a snooze. I opted for white shellac on my toes because hey - when don't I go for that? We sat on elevated chairs wrapped in blankets with magazines and berry teas on tap. My therapist Monique (who's actually the owner) was great at exfoliating my dead skin and massaging in essentials oils. Imagine all of this with a gorgeous few of all the plants in the garden centre. It was perfect.

Over a delicious serving of afternoon tea, sandwiches and cakes I had essentials oils from Monique Hart's candles, poured onto my hair and scalp for an intense and thoroughly luxurious treatment. The aroma's through the spa caused me to be in a constant state of contentment, which is quite rare for me. Oh and the cheese and tomato relish sandwiches were tasty and of course, the scone and chocolate brownie were demolished

My main treatment of the day was a lava shell massage. Just imagine hot polished sea shells being ran all over your body helping you to completely relax and drift off into a calm place. I've had my fair share of massages and this was up there with the best. I was so warm and comforted whilst my body was relieving stress and tension. Monique Harts calming mist full of signature oils also added to the entire experience. The massage itself lasted for around 45mins but I genuinely struggled to get up afterwards because I was so relaxed. The custom lighting in the room was a bonus too! I opted for purple which was the 'relax and calm' option. You could have energy and various others also.

The Hart Spa's ethos is well being and mindfulness and I completely got that vibe from everyone and everything. The staff were friendly, funny & welcoming. The decor inside the cabin was utter perfection, cream washed wood, grey accents and a smell that I can only describe as heaven. My entire experience is something I wish everyone could have & as soon as I'm able to, I'll be going back.

Check out Mary's post about our day!



This time last year I was just settling into my very own place. The excitement was very real (so was the tiredness). I was raised in Buckinghamshire and for work purposes and the fact I hated the town I lived in, I decided to move to the suburbs of South West London. My flat is right opposite the station which makes commuting into Central London super easy. When I first moved I honestly had nothing figured out, I just needed my own space and I needed it quickly. Lucky for me, I haven't been happier and I love my little home. My closest friends Mary & Callie live close by and my boyfriends parents live 10 minutes down the road. I feel lonely at times but thats nothing online shopping, a good TV show and a text from my Mum can't fix.

After 6 months I finally got into my own routine with cleaning (yup, that still needs work) paying bills, doing the food shop, working, socialising and doing things for me. Although I've always been independent, renting alone really makes you feel like a proper grown up. The best part is furnishing - I love home ware and buying things to fit my place. I often spend my time scrolling Urban Outfitters, H&M and John Lewis and obviously making numerous trips to IKEA (those meatballs tho). 

I could waffle on all day about the process of moving etc etc, I actually did a Q&A on my Youtube channel which you can watch here. All I can say is I am so thankful blogging has enabled me to be my own boss and I am able to leave the town where nothing ever happens. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I've actually made something of my life..

Anyway, here are a few things I've learned. 

I Hate Cleaning
I don't mind tidying and sorting through all my belongings, but actual cleaning - I can't f***ing stand it. Ive recently hired a cleaner (my mum hates me) LOL!

I Love Living Alone (ish)
People often ask me if Simon lives here, he does, but part-time. His work often takes him up and down the country and some days he's at home with his family. We see each other when we can but I really enjoy my own company. Theres something really fulfilling about living alone. That rug is mine. That kettle is mine. Yup those bowls are mine. Maybe its a little territorial and selfish but either way I love it!

Renting Is Expensive
When I moved out I had no idea how I was going to afford to live. I could just about cover my bills but I needed my space so I told myself 'I'll make it work' & I did. Im financially comfortable now, however that doesn't take away the fact that renting is so expensive. I pay more than £1000 to live here (its a two bed though) plus bills, food, my weekly ASOS orders too lol. I know I could rent a smaller place or house share but firstly, I need an office to separate work and leisure and secondly sharing with people just doesn't interest me. London is super expensive, but for now, its my home and I'm happy here.

Nothing Is Ever Done
I used to get super stressed that my washing basket was never empty, the dishwasher constantly needed filling and my cream carpets were always covered in black fluff (where does that fluff even come from). I moaned to my Mum about it and she told me 'nothing is ever done, don't worry about that stuff'. I guess being a blogger I wanted a Pinterest flat which is actually pretty unfeasible. My flat is lived in, its my home and I'm doing the best I can.

I Miss My Mums Cooking
I completely took for granted coming home from a busy ass day and a delicious food was on the table waiting for me. Now its a ready meal, stir fry or a takeaway lol!


Stop Being So Silly.
Mental health is not something to joke about. Calling someones emotions 'silly' no matter what they are, isn't okay. We are all entitled to feel anything without being made to feel stupid. When a person feels depressed they may already feel silly because they wish they didn't feel that way. The last thing someone needs is for others to make them feel guilty about it.

What Exactly Do You Have To Be Depressed About?
Depression, mental health, even cancer DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. Mental illness can come for anyone, whether you are rich, poor, black, white, tall, short, fat or thin. Yes - some factors of depression can be helped such as leaving a job or a toxic relationship but on a whole, depression can and will come for anyone. Please bare that in mind when you think that someone shouldn't be depressed because they're financial stable or they look like Kim K.

Just Try & Be Happy.
IF IT WAS THAT SIMPLE THEN THEY WOULD BE WOULDN'T THEY?! People with depression (myself included) try and be happy all the time. We hate the fact we can't get out of bed in the mornings, we hate that we cry ourselves to sleep at night and we hate even more that we can't just be f***ing happy and normal... like everyone else. 

You Don't Look Depressed.
What does depression look like? The best way to describe it is a grey cloud following you around everywhere, sometimes sunshine peeps through, other times the cloud turns black and it pours. What I'm trying to say is someone with depression, isn't crying and sad all the time. We do laugh, we do smile, but at the back of our minds is a constant grey cloud. 

Someone Else Is Worse Off Than You!
Just because someone else may have bigger problems, it does not disregard another persons. 

I have suffered with depression and other mental health problems and these are all things that have been said to me. Please think before you speak and try to be a little more understanding to someone who is suffering. Empathy and compassion are wonderful things! 




Primark Bag (alternative)
New Look Boots (on sale right now)

Every now and then (trying to change this to always lol) I put together an outfit that in my opinion, slays. I threw this together a few weeks ago whilst shooting with my photographer Jade, and this was definitely my favourite of the bunch. Its stylish yet comfortable and an outfit that can be worn by anyone, of any size - which is of great importance to me. I really enjoy wearing dresses *runs off to the shops and buys them all*.



A week or so ago I had the opportunity to stay over at Shoreditch House for an event with Clinique. Whenever I stay at a hotel I bring along my camera just incase I want to take some snaps for the purpose of a review... and now here we are.

Shoreditch House, in the heart of Shoreditch, East London (pretty obvs right) is everything I thought it would be. Modern, cool & practical. If a hotel provides SkyTV, robes & a mini bar full of goodies, then I'm pretty much won over. From paracetamol to condoms, Pringles to orange juice, Shoreditch House has you covered. I particularly loved all of the Cowshed products and the fact I could read Vogue without buying it lol!

The shower was amazing, super hot and powerful and the bed was big enough to stretch out like a starfish without touching the edges (I can't be the only one that does that). The decor was brill, an old school telephone which I used numerous times to order room service because HELLO, room service. I also loved the blinds that overlooked the hustle and bustle of East London's streets.

I had a pleasant nights sleep and if my wake up time wasn't 5am I would've slept until sunrise.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and if you've been a loyal reader you would know that avocado and poached eggs on toast is 100% my thing. This particular lot didn't disappoint but I did have to order more toast, because the avo to bread ratio just wasn't on point. 

I enjoyed my stay at Shoreditch House and its definitely a place for the modern working professional.



One of my favourite things ever is to go for afternoon tea. Its perfect for a rainy day, to catch up with girlfriends, or as a business meeting with a twist - a delicious, yummy twist at that.

A few weeks ago I went off to The Woleseley to meet with the beauty & social team at ASOS. We discussed gifting, ways to collaborate and lots of exciting ventures that ASOS are taking. You guys know that ASOS are legit my favourite brand so I had such a lovely time. I was also given a huge box of clothing so be prepared for a haul soon over on my Youtube channel.

I've had lots of afternoon teas in my time and this one is defo up there with the best. We had the full sha-bang! Scones, cakes, sandwiches, and of course tea. The egg sarnies were so good I asked for a second round, which to my surprise were at no extra charge. The scones were yum and came with different flavours of jam and of course clotted cream. The scones were buttery & warm and tbh, I didn't expect anything else. The best part for me though were the mini slices of cheesecake and hand on my heart, they were the best mini slices of cheesecake I have ever scoffed. I couldn't actually believe what I was eating! Creamy, sweet & smooth - every cheesecake lovers dream.

The service was great. Staff were helpful and polite and although I didn't feel 'posh' enough to be there, I felt really welcomed. I would 100% go back, I'd actually really like to take my mum. 

Thank you ASOS for such a yummy afternoon.

If you're interested; here are my favourite bits on ASOS at the moment. (yes they're all in my saved items LOL)



Being self aware and reflecting on who I am is something I have always done, but recently its shot right to the top of my priority list. After posting 'Changes In 2016', I thought I'd share with you some specific goals I am working towards, both professionally and personally. I am also going to share with you how you can win a trip to New York with Bodyform.

Quality Over Quantity
Whether its posting videos or buying clothes, I want to adopt the whole 'quality over quantity' thing. Instead of stressing about getting content up & uploading any ol' thing, I've decided to stop putting pressure on myself, but to just create good, enjoyable content. I also want to stop wasting money on stuff I don't actually need. Its excessive and I'm over it.

Collaborate With Other Influencers
I respect so many people in the whole vlogging/blogging community and I think its about time I collaborate with some of my faves. My video with Alesha Dixon went down amazingly well so now I  also have a buzz to film fun videos with other celebrities. I may or may not have some already lined up ;)

Visit My Loved Ones More
I need to see my family & old friends more, even if its just for an hour. I don't really enjoy going back to my old town but I'm going to make a conscious effort from now on. All my baby cousins are growing up so fast - I don't want to miss those precious years.

Learn How To Cook
Ok so I know how to cook, but I want to learn how to throw it doooowwwwnnnnn lol. I've been eating far too many quick fix meals and takeaways so its time to order some cook books (for dummies maybe) and learn how to make delicious & healthy but fuzz free food. If any of you have any recommendations then let me know. I cook because I have to, but I want to find it enjoyable. I don't even like baking cookies :( haha.

See Another New York
I've been to NYC, AKA the best city in the entire world three times but every time I feel like I see the same New York. I often go with people who haven't been before so they want to explore and do all the touristy things, so I'm hoping to go back soon and see another side of it. I actually would love to go to NYC alone and connect with people I know there. I want to go to Staten Island, get my nails done in Brooklyn, visit a children's home in Da Bronx, and just enjoy New York. Its such a fast paced city so I'm going to save up some pennies and for a week (or two) LOL. 

Everyone, at least once in their lifetime should visit New York. Its magical and fun, and very much like the movies. If you go in January when its snowing, its basically Home Alone haha. With that being said, I am super super excited to be able to let you guys know about Bodyform's Pink Ticket Campaign - where you can actually win a trip to the Big Apple. There are 10 pink tickets hidden inside promotional packs of Bodyform - you see pink, you win! Its that simple. Every single pack also comes with a free £10 Golden Moments experience voucher. Win win babes!! Good luck to all of you and for more information visit > 

What are your goals for 2016?

This post is sponsored by Bodyform.


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