On Thursday it was my twin friends birthday. They decided to have a house party and me being me took that as a perfect opportunity to put together an outfit. I know a lot of people go to house parties in casual attire, but lets face it - with Gracie Francesca, that just ain't gonna happen. This outfit is actually a lot more casual then what I normally wear when I go out. I think the handbag and the mules just tone it down a tad - what do you think? I am a huge lover of colour, but I am also really into monochrome at the moment.. I like the way the denim breaks up the black and white too.

White Sheer Blouse | £32.00
Black Lace Bottom Crop Top (SOLD OUT, alternative) | £5.99
White Mules | £19.99
MK Tote Bag* | £260.00

Grace x



So, I went out the other night for a few drinks with my girl - as per usual. I have done an awful lot of shopping recently so I decided to wear two of my new purchases. This killer dress and even more killer heels are incredible and I have been bombarded on every social network site on where these can be bought. I felt super confident in this outfit & I think the colour ways of the dress are super flattering. I absolutely love this outfit.. Not only is it classy, it is simple and comfortable too.

Gold Box Clutch | UNAVAILABLE

Grace x



So yesterday on my channel I posted a single ladies outfits lookbook. I have done tons of lookbooks in the past, including ones for Valentine's Day and date nights. This time around I thought I would do one for my singletons, like myself. If you haven't seen the video, you can watch it here. Obviously these outfits can be worn on any occasion but I just wanted to show some love to my single girls. 
Here are the outfits in picture form..

I loved filming this video and taking these snaps! Unfortunately some of the items are no longer available but I have found alternatives for you in the links above.

Grace x


Here is another Instagram OOTD :) that I have decided to share with you.
It has become increasingly warmer in the UK recently (even though we have had pouring rain today) and this is an outfit I threw together for a warmish evening. I absolutely love this top from River Island & these beautiful sandals have made an appearance yet again - I just love them. As per usual, I have a signature checked shirt around my waist which comes in handy when it gets a bit chilly. 

Crop Top | £12.00
Checked Shirt | Vintage, alternative | £25.00
Light Wash Jeans | SOLD OUT, alternative | £24.99
Gold Sandals | £28.00

Have a fabulous weekend guys! xo


So I asked on Instagram for random questions so I could pick some and answer them in a video. I under-estimated how many questions I would get.. you are all so nosy lol. I thought I would get 100, however I received more than 400! I want to answer as many questions as possible so as well as a video, I thought I would answer a few on here.

Q (Lana_banana4) If you had to choose to eat one item of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A - CHIPS! I freakinnnnnnnnnnngggggg love them. Or crusty bread, or pizza.. Ok I can't decide.
Q (beyzaxnk) Do you believe in ghosts or spirits, please answer?
A - Yes. my house has many spirits.
Q (Kaayyt) What is your favourite animal and why?
A - A dolphin. They just seem so gentle & free.
Q (Gianxt_) What inspires you to keep on making Youtube videos?
A - Because I know some people watch me to take away some sort of pain they feel. If I can help someone for even 5 minutes, then I will.
Q (Nadyqueen) Is it hard to always eat healthy?
A - I struggle some days like everyone else, especially when its the time of the month.
Q (Kemerjessie) Which Kardashian would you consider yourself to be like the most?
A - 100% Khloe. She doesn't shy away from her insecurities - she openly speaks about them. She is also so real and down to earth. She has so much personality.
Q (Beautyymua) Who has been the most inspiring or influential person in your life?
A - Demi Lovato. She gave me the strength to tell my own story.
Q (privateprof) Fave song at the moment?
A - August Alsina's ENTIRE ALBUM!!!!!!
Q (asiawillyums) What's your nationality?
A - I am West Indian, Greek & White British - I also have some Dutch in there too.
Q (Mykasmilesbigg) How old were you when you lost your virginity?
A - 15!
Q (Annabellaneil) Who are your top 2 style icons at the moment?
A - Nobody in particular. I take inspiration from your average girl on the street. A girl I can relate too is always inspiring & not just because of style.



I don't usually wear this much black but this outfit was thrown together in about five minutes. Last weekend I had a family BBQ at mine & my sister decided to make home made Pina Colada's. They were sooooooo strong but tasted so nice - I loved the taste which in turn meant that I was intoxicated and buzzing off of life. I had made plans to go out in the evening, but with a serious food baby & my drunk dancing, I didn't have time to plan an outfit. I liked how it turned out though. Oh and I also managed to apply my winged liner too - 10,000 brownie points to me? 

Confession!! I am in fact wearing my... DRESSING GOWN!

Statement Clutch | SOLD OUT, alternative | £30.00 (I am in love with this)
Monochrome Heels | SOLD OUT, alternative | £24.99

Grace x


So I always try and give back as much as possible. I believe the success I have on social media networks should be used for a greater good. I have been working with a charity called The Big Match, who raise money for awareness of brain tumours. I am good friends with the people who started The Big Match so it is a charity close to my heart.

The Big Match is a charity football event that raises money for Action 4 Children & The Brain Tumour Charity. Celebrities, ex footballers and members of the public will be lacing up their boots on the 31st May, at Madejski Stadium, Reading, to play against each other.

Tickets are £7.50 and include all the attractions outside, and the game. We have a football rodeo, The Barclays Premier League Trophy, Star Wars storm troopers AND giveaways. Tickets can be purchased through the Madejski Stadium box office on 0844 249 1871 or the
Come down and see the likes of Suzanne Shaw, Sam Attwater, Michelle Heaton & Danyl Johnson at this family fun day!

If you would like to donate to this amazing event then you can text donate - Text 'GOAL85' with £3, £5 or £10 to 70070. For example a text should look like 'GOAL85 £5" :) Alternatively you can donate through

It would be amazing for some of you to come down to the event and support the cause. I will be there all day too so it would be lovely to meet some of you.



So I have accumulated a few empty MAC products which I thought I would share with you. If you didn't know, you can return 6 empty products to any MAC store and you will receive a free lipstick (keep your eyes peeled on a post about the lipstick I picked up, its a beaut). 

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish (dark) | £22.00
I have a love and hate relationship with this product. When I originally picked it up, many many many years ago, I loved it. It was one of the first MAC products I tried and I continuously re-purchased it with no thought. However a few years ago, I tried to use it again and I hated how it looked on my skin. It would look cakey and the colour range didn't match very well either - so I flung it in my drawer and thats where it remained. I haven't used this product much for a very very very longtime but I do remember when I enjoyed it that my foundation would look flawless and stay pretty matte throughout the day. I have about three of these lying around in my makeup collection, all in different shades haha. I think I hit pan in this particular one almost two years ago now? Whoops. I think I am going to 'shop my stash' and give this a whirl again - I'll let you know how I get on.

I am a big glowy, bronzey, sun kissed, ' I must be brown' kinda girl. I love nothing more than being tanned and looking healthy. If I could afford a sunshine holiday every other month I would, but I can't, therefore I turn to bronzer to get me through. I can't lie, I haven't tried that many. If I find something I like, I tend to stick to it as I hate wasting my money, especially on beauty products. When I was a teenager and maybe even when I was around 20-21, I used to use the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer which I really don't like anymore. I find that its very orange toned and it also doesn't show up that much on my skin. If it does, it makes me look dirty - not a good look on any occasion. When I stopped using that I dabbled in Nars Laguna & a few other drugstore ones that I can't remember but nothing will ever compare to Matt Bronze by MAC.  I have used this bronzer on and off for years. Every time I stop using it & then I go back to it, I do a little happy dance because I remember just how much I love it. It is 100% my favourite, holy grail bronzer. It is the perfect warm toned, natural looking colour and it contours my face so perfectly. It has zero shimmer (HALLELUJAH) and is just amazingggggggggg. It is probably way too dark for my fair skinned babes but for olive, warm skin tones it is the best! I dropped mine (it was nearly finished, kinda, I think) so it's been stashed away until now. 

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer | DISCONTINUED
I have had this for years & I really enjoyed using it. This concealer is heavy coverage & leaves a creamy matte finish onto the skin. I used this for around my brows and it framed the little wrigglers so brilliantly. This was so long wearing - it did not budge!! The shade was the perfect highlight but also blendable into the skin shade (what a mouthful) and I used it practically everyday. You didn't need a lot of product either so it was also worth the price. However, the product lasted so long that I couldn't use it all up in time and it completely dried out. I tried to salvage it with Mac Fix+ but that couldn't even bring it back to life, criessssss! Back to MAC it goes.

Since 2011 I have been a massive eyeliner girl. I live for the flicked, cat eye liner look & it has taken me years to master it - even then I still get it wrong sometimes. Mac Fluidline was the first gel liner I ever tried - I picked it up at IMATS 2011 I think? A lonnnngggg time ago. It took me a while to get used to not using a pen type applicator but after a few weeks, I was well away. This product is of creamy texture with a matte finish. It dries ultra black & won't budge all day. I don't think I have smudged this gel liner - it lasts for ages on the eye, especially with a primer. I loved using this product, but like every beauty obsessed blogger - I got bored, switched up and this fell to the back of my Muji drawers. I was rummaging through my makeup collection a few weeks ago & stumbled across fluidline but unfortunately it had dried out and once again, not even Mac Fix+ could bring it back to life.

MAC Mineralise Concealer (NC45) | £16.50 x2
I think the TWO empty concealer packaging is a big giveaway of how much I enjoy using this product. I have been using it most days for about a year and a half now - why change when you find something so damn good? The shade range alone is amazing - there are so many to choose from, so no matter how tan or pale I am, I know this concealer works for me. MAC mineralise concealer is creamy and easy to blend. It moisturises the skin but is also long wearing with a luminous finish. I take this concealer with me everywhere - it covers my imperfections such as blemishes and spots, but it also helps with covering any redness I have too. This particular concealer is something I just have to have in my collection - its so good!

So there we have it. My 6 items that have gone back to MAC. Have you tried any of the products mentioned? If you have, please let me know your thoughts. Oh & also, what are your favourite bronzers? I want to have a makeup splurge lol.

Grace x


This week has been mental health awareness week so for Sunday Strength today, I thought I would touch a little on that subject. It is widely known through the blogging and Youtube community that I have & still do suffer with mental health problems. I am very fortunate to have come out the other end & I will raise awareness and speak about mental health until the day I die. Thousands and thousands of people suffer in silence due to the fear of being judged & the stigma behind it. I am here to be a voice for those people who are still struggling with their problems.

I believe in therapy, counselling, impatient units and day centres etc etc but I also believe a little in self help. The mind is a powerful thing and if we change the way we think, we can literally change our lives. Learning to think positively & doing things that make you feel good are just some of the things I do to feel happiness.

A year out of therapy my friend Tiffany and I met up and she came baring gifts. (It was close to my birthday at the time). Tiffany has helped me through my hardest times & she is literally my guardian angel. She was my rock for many many months and when I felt like giving up, she would remind me of all the reasons why I should carry on. One of the gifts Tiff got me was a jar, full of quotes and small tasks that can help me stay positive.

Whenever I need a pick me up or I want to feel inspired, I reach for 'my jar of happiness'. It is such a small thing but with BIG results. It is amazing what words can do to the mind & it is even more amazing what the mind can do when these words become thoughts, and then these thoughts become actions. Everyone needs support, & everyone needs to smile. If you're struggling with depression, or anxiety, or you know someone who is, try this. I think everyone deserves a little jar of happiness. Don't you?


Clinique Super Defense Moisturiser is my new favourite thing to apply on my 'no makeup' days. I love a moisturiser that feels thick & creamy but also like its been whipped? Am I weird? Is that just me? I think I just like the feeling of putting on something thick and luxurious -  and this is exactly that. On those days off where I do nothing but eat and watch tv all day (maybe have the occasional nap), I take this time to really hydrate my skin. This particular moisturiser is just bloody amazing for leaving my skin looking really smooth and moisturised. I think I have fallen in love.. just a tad. It smells a little like suncream which is the ultimate pleasure for me - I can pretend I'm drinking a cocktail in a hot country. Clinique Super Defense Moisturiser is super silky to touch and although it is some what thick, once it sinks into the skin it becomes soft & light. It also gains bonus points because it contains SPF and can act as protective barrier when your skin is exposed to the sun. WIN!

Adds hydration
Leaves skin looking supple and plump
Is for all skin types
Smells delicious
Sinks in & doesn't leave any residue.
Anti Ageing
Contains SPF

Not great for wearing under makeup if you have oily skin

Have you tried this moisturiser? It has already become a favourite of mine. I also sometimes wear it overnight too, thats how much I love it.



It was my sister's 19th birthday a few days ago as you guys know - I did a post about her which you can read here. To celebrate her birthday we had a family dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant. We opted for the buffet menu & I scoffed my face until my hearts content. I had everything & anything. Smoked chicken, duck & pancakes, BBQ ribs, noodles, rice & crispy chilli beef - you could say I had a 'fat' day haha. I thoroughly enjoyed the food & it was nice to get together with my family over a glass of wine (I was on the water & diet coke though lol). 

Im really into simple, effortless style at the moment. Im loving the whole clean look & I am obsessed with ripped jeans which is pretty damn obvious.

So here is what I wore. I am totally in love with all the colour, especially the bright pink lip which is new to me. I used to feel really insecure and awkward when wearing bright lipstick but I'm really enjoying being out of my comfort zone. This is my first ever white shirt too - I have no clue why I didn't buy one sooner. I think it was the 'white makes you look fatter' myth. I also decided to wear a black bra under the white shirt, which I know is a big fashion 'mistake', but I think its sexy!

Neon Leather Jacket | SOLD OUT | Alternatives
Neon Heels | SOLD OUT | Alternative
Skinny Denim Jeans (I customised the rips) | £32.00
White Shirt | £32.00
Tropical Print Bag | UNAVAILABLE :(

What is your favourite piece in this outfit?


I can't be the only blogger who recycles outfits? I feel like most bloggers post one item of clothing on their blog and it never appears again. I am not that rich lol :( I know you have seen this shirt before AND the jeans, but these are big ass staples in my wardrobe and I live in them. These jeans fit me great (the only ones that do at the moment) so I tend to gravitate towards these, on a daily basis. As you all know, i'm obsessed with checked/flannel shirts & I wear them with basically everything. I really liked the additions too, the chunky heels and biker gilet. I feel like a rock chick!

White Tee | £9.99
Checked Shirt (vintage, alternative) | £24.99
Ripped Jeans (sold out, alternative) | £32.00
Leather Studded Gilet (sold out, alternative) | £12.00 On Sale
Chunky Open Toe Heels (sold out, alternative) | £55.00

PS. I am still obsessed with white polish nails on my toes.

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