Find a series & have a marathon - Now, this seems to happen on most days, not just my lazy ones, but I recommend anyone and everyone to find a good series and become slightly addicted. TV nowadays can be a bit boring and most of us a glued to our laptops anyway. My favourite series to wind down to, waste my life to & to laugh and cry to is The Big Bang Theory. I watch at least one episode every single day but on my lazy days, you can find me watching back to back series. Its funny and light hearted but you also learn quite a bit too. Perfect viewing with breakfast in bed ;)

Have a mid day pamper session - Having a good ol' pamper isn't just for the evenings. When I have nothing to do or I'm being lazy I reach for some luxurious and delicious smelling products to give my face or hair a little treat. At the moment I am loving Aveda's Damage Therapy* hair treatment, DHC's Pore Cleansing Oil* & Lush's Brazened Honey face mask. All these products smell amazing & leave me feeling pampered and relaxed. I also love using Lush's ever so famous Snow Fairy shower gel

Stock up on snacks - No lazy day is complete without a multitude of snacks. I love fruit and I eat a lot of it on a daily basis, but I am also a chocolate fiend! Im a huge fan of the Slimming World chocolate bars and of course, Cadbury. Cadbury is definitely my favourite! Who's with me?

Online Shop until your hearts content - If you know me, you know that online shopping is one of my favourite hobbies. I love a good, in-depth and long browse across my favourite online retailers. You'll find me spending far too much money on ASOS, Missguided, Topshop & Look Fantastic mainly. Lazy days is the perfect time to catch up on whats new in stock, what the latest trends are & also to have a look at any sales. We all love a bargain!

Enjoy that zero makeup feeling - Work, meetings, errands, meeting friends, blogging etc, us women rarely have time for zero makeup days. Well on those lazy days, cleanse that face, tone that face and moisturise that face.. Skip that makeup application step! Let your skin breathe and relax with you. How perfect does that sound?

Im now in desperate need for a lazy day lol!


  1. Great ideas, I feel relaxed just reading this! :)
    Hannah x

  2. I need a lazy day soon haha :) some great ideas x


  3. This is perfect! Its my first day off in almost two weeks and I found myself doing the majority of these before 9am :)


  4. yep online shopping is always dangerous on lazy days!



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