My skincare routine has been the same for a long time now. I was reaching for the same products, give or take a different toner, but I was just utterly bored. I love my skincare rituals and having a mini pamper every morning and night so I needed to have a skincare shape up & try some other products. I was stuck in a bit of a rut and my skin had stopped responding to my usual routine so I went on a mini skincare journey and these are the products I fell a little bit in love with. 

I have combination, spotty prone, sensitive skin.. just so you know! Many cleansers break me out or irritate my skin so when I find one I like, I go on about it. Although this is a cleansing 'oil', it isn't actually oily. It melts away your makeup and leaves behind a clean, fresh and hydrating film across your face - a good film, not one of those weird, greasy films. Your skin just feels great. I mush it around my face (I then look like a panda rolled in mud) and I take warm water and a cloth to remove the excess.

Adds moisture
Isn't greasy or oily
Doesn't sting the eyes
Can be used when in a rush as it doesn't take long to remove makeup
Lasts ages as you don't need to use alot

Smells a tad weird lol

Eve Lom Cleanser* | £55.00 100ml
Voted No.1 best cleanser in the world, Elle Magazine. I haven't tried all the cleansers in the world to give it that title but I have to say - its pretty awesome. Again, I use it the same way as the Murad Cleanser, to remove my makeup and all that jazz. I go for this one though when I feel like I need more of a deep clean. Running around all day, on the underground etc my skin feels so clogged and dirty - this is the cleanser to remove daily dirt and grime that has gathered on your face throughout the day. 

Deep cleanses but doesn't strip the face
Lovely packaging
Gently exfoliates whilst cleansing
All skin types

Hefty price tag
Rumours are, it contains mineral oil which is just gross for the skin

I love a good night cream & I particularly love thick ones. Theres just something satisfying about applying a thick cream just before bed. I want to go to sleep knowing my skin isn't get a whole lottaaaaaaaa love before a busy morning. This does exactly that & smells bloody fab too! 

Replenish's and repairs skin whilst you sleep
Support the skins natural overnight repair
Skin looks radiant and new after use
Makes your skin feel supple and soft

Hefty price tag
May be too rich for oily skin

I don't get many spots, but when I do, they are the most painful, disgusting spots ever & I genuinely feel and look like a pizza (no joke, don't laugh). I love a good spot treatment that solely concentrates on the affected area, makes the spot sting slightly, so I can feel its working - anyone else? Am I weird? And I want the redness and size to be reduced a considerable amount overnight. CHA CHING BABY, this one does that & I bloody love it.

Reduces redness, size and irritation
Doesn't dry out the skin and can be worn under makeup
Only need the tiniest, teeniest amount
Anti Ageing
All skin types

Can only be bought in John Lewis or the Merumaya website so isn't easily accessible

Quite possible the best feeling serum I think I have ever used. It just feels stunning on the skin & helps to hydrate, leaving the skin feeling super, super soft.

Improves radiance, moisture and elasticity
Restores skins texture
Acts as a barrier against other products (good for products that break you out)

Hefty price tag (so worth it though)
Can only be bought in John Lewis or the Merumaya website so isn't easily accessible

So thats my skincare shape up! I still haven't fallen in love with a toner. Any recommendations would be appreciated?

Grace x



  1. Yay I always love to see a skincare post from you! I love how informative you make them with the pros and cons of each, very useful! Have a good day :)
    Hannah x

    1. I agree very useful post x

  2. Great post! I try to stay away from mineral oils as it clogs my pores and drys out my hair, but the other picks seem really lovely!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

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