Clinique Super Defense Moisturiser is my new favourite thing to apply on my 'no makeup' days. I love a moisturiser that feels thick & creamy but also like its been whipped? Am I weird? Is that just me? I think I just like the feeling of putting on something thick and luxurious -  and this is exactly that. On those days off where I do nothing but eat and watch tv all day (maybe have the occasional nap), I take this time to really hydrate my skin. This particular moisturiser is just bloody amazing for leaving my skin looking really smooth and moisturised. I think I have fallen in love.. just a tad. It smells a little like suncream which is the ultimate pleasure for me - I can pretend I'm drinking a cocktail in a hot country. Clinique Super Defense Moisturiser is super silky to touch and although it is some what thick, once it sinks into the skin it becomes soft & light. It also gains bonus points because it contains SPF and can act as protective barrier when your skin is exposed to the sun. WIN!

Adds hydration
Leaves skin looking supple and plump
Is for all skin types
Smells delicious
Sinks in & doesn't leave any residue.
Anti Ageing
Contains SPF

Not great for wearing under makeup if you have oily skin

Have you tried this moisturiser? It has already become a favourite of mine. I also sometimes wear it overnight too, thats how much I love it.


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  1. It sounds lovely and I really like the packaging as well :) It looks very luxurious.


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