- 9/11 memorial sign
- The waterfall that is now in place of where the Twin Towers used to be
- Simon taking a picture of me taking a picture of trees
- A quote written on a giant wall inside the 9/11 memorial. Behind this quote are the remains of all the people who lost their lives on that horrific day.
- A giant wall full of pictures of all the people who lost their lives
- A very jet lagged Simon in The Hard Rock Cafe
- Ribs @ The Hard Rock Cafe (they were AMAZING)
- Simons burger @ The Hard Rock Cafe
- A random sign we saw whilst walking to the Christmas Tree
- Isn't it SO pretty?
- A random touristy shot. I literally felt like everything needed to be photographed lol
- Falling in love inside Macy's
- A very happy but cold Gracie
- A very moody and cold Simon
- Crossing the road is so much cooler in NYC lol

Doing these posts make me miss New York so much - even if it was freezing. I loved being a tourist and exploring for hours on end. Are you planning a trip to NYC soon? I have three places to eat in the city coming on the blog soon.



  1. photos look lovely! you can tell you had a fab time :) x

  2. It looks like you had a great time in New York and your pictures look beautiful! All that food and that Christmas tree, oh!

    Beka. xo

  3. I wish I could plan a trip to NYC soon but it's not possible at the moment but I will love to visit there one day. It looks so beautiful.

  4. I have to go to New York one day!

  5. Photo's look lovely, I have to go to New York one day! :)

  6. i would do anything to go to new york and these photos make me even more desperate to go there! and wow that michael kors bag is beaut!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡

  7. Love these photos, hope to go there one day!

  8. New York misses you already! ! come back in the warmer months!! :)


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