When it comes to beauty, I tend to stick to what I know and use those products until the day I die. Although I enjoy taking care of my skin, I much prefer spending money on a bangin' new ASOS dress than a new face cream. I am lucky enough to get sent quite a few products through the post, but getting around to trying them all can literally take months and my skin is SO sensitive that I have to be really careful with what I use.

But during the last 4/5 months I've found a few products that I really enjoy using, so much so they have become favourites. 

My go to product when my skin needs a pick me up. This bad boy helps to resurface the skin whilst also leaving it feeling soft and plump and looking radiant and fresh. Its marketed as an at home overnight facial & thats it exactly what it does. It minimises pores and keeps my annoying redness to a minimum. I also reach for this if I'm having continuous breakouts as the glycolic acid really helps to clear my blemishes and spots. I swipe this serum all over my face with a cotton pad before applying moisturiser. Its honestly amazing and transforms my skin whilst I sleep. Available at Cult Beauty.

I'm usually just a bit 'meh' when it comes to lip care. In the past I've used any old lip balm from Carmex, to Vaseline and anything else in between. I picked up this one in store on a bit of a whim and I've replaced it twice since. Not only does it smell incredible, it also really hydrates and moisturises my lips. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing too! There isn't much to say about this as its just a lip balm lol, but its my favourite and if its not in my handbag or with my daily makeup, its next to my bed. I love love love it!

When it comes to Jo Malone, I really am a huge fan. From bath oils to candles - my collection is pretty hefty and I'm noooootttt ashamed (although my bank account will say otherwise). Over the past few years I've tried lots of different scents but one of my all time faves is Blackberry & Bay. Not only do I love the cologne, I also love the candle too which is packed away neatly, ready to use in my new apartment woop woop. It just smells heavenly and can be used all year round. Its light, vibrant and fresh. Go and give it a sniff and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. 

When it comes to Queen CT, I'm such a massive fan that I think everything she touches turns to gold (except her magic foundation that for some reason separates on my skin). Her clay mask is pretty amazing if your skin is in need of some plumping & repairing. Its nourishing and enriching and whenever I use it, I see a great improvement in my skin literally straight after use. Face masks rarely impress me but this very much does! 

What products have you been using lately?


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  1. Jo Malone is a dream! I love the Wood, sage and sea salt!


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